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How to ensure Brand Consistency

As a business owner, you need a set of rules and guides that will help design your messaging at all times in other to meet your customer's needs. Brand guidelines show how you want your brand to be represented internally and externally.

Here are some reasons why your brand needs one:

Consistency: Brand guidelines help organizations harmonize their marketing and communication materials across all platforms. Also, it helps brands deliver messages that align with their tone and core values to avoid confusing their customers. Naturally, people are drawn to products or organizations that exhibit reliability and stability.

Unique identity: It creates a recognizable identity for the brand that enables its target audience to differentiate them from its competitors. Imagine yourself walking into a tech store to see the Samsung logo displayed in red and green colours instead of the custom blue and white, you will think that if it is a fake. For your customers to easily identify your brand in a group, you need guidelines.

Efficiency: It serves as a template for members of the organization to produce and design products or services for their customers that are in line with the brand’s promise. It creates harmony, eliminates inconsistency, and provides clarity.

Brand values: It reiterates what your brand stands for and believes in. It also reassures your customers of the principles you abide by and represent.

Cohesive messaging: This largely influences a customer’s decision-making as it represents an unwavering identity that is predictable and easy to trust. Once there is uniformity in the way the brand communicates its value proposition regardless of the platform used, this permeates through the memory of the target audience.

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